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Hot Cougar Action: WSU drops second game in Pac-12 play

WSU battled back from a 13 point deficit at half time but couldn't close it out down the stretch.

I am unfamiliar with the constructs of the daily Hot Cougar Action post as I have never been responsible for its execution.

Did that sound too fancy? Maybe? Whatever, I have a cold.

We'll get to the happens in Washington State athletics momentarily but given that we're three days into the new year, I've always wondered about this question: what's the latest you've ever left your Christmas tree up?

Ordinarily, we leave ours up through at least the new year because I like having it up for my birthday (December 30th, none of you got me anything, thanks a lot) but it usually comes down right around this time. Maybe the latest we've ever left the tree up though was Martin Luther King weekend thanks to getting extremely busy and almost forgetting altogether that a dead tree was shedding in our living room and creating timber so flammable you could make a fire in a submarine with the hatch open. .

I've heard stories of some folks leaving it up until Valentines Day but I assume those are the same people that just leave their Christmas lights up all year. So, what's the latest you've ever left your tree up and when do you start giving people the judgey look for still having their's displayed in the living room window?

Women's Basketball:

Despite forcing 23 Utah turnovers compared to just 8 of their own, WSU fell to the Utes 73-71 in Salt Lake City. Lots of career highs in points though, with Nike McClure knocking down seven points, Taylor Edmondson tied her career high with 17 and Borislava Hristova had 23. WSU will finished their first conference road trip of the season Monday when they play Colorado.

Riley Sorenson Donation Update:

In case you missed it, WSU Compliance gave their blessing to donating to the GoFundMe to help Riley's family pay for medical bills associated with his father's heart attack. I'd like to thank the NCAA for their benevolence in allowing Riley Sorenson to be treated like a normal student in this case who could have as much money as they want raised to help a loved one.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

Degenerate Gambling News:

I'm pinch hitting for the right honorable PJ Kendall so I figure some gambling talk is necessary and good, especially since I'll be in Reno for the national championship. So I have a few questions: how much money should I put on the over 53? And when I lose that money, should I just withdrawal everything out of my checking account and put it on the pass line? Also, if anyone knows which casinos have the cheapest beer, please advise.