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WSU vs. Oregon football: Baxter’s Beer of the Game

The Cougs face the Ducks. So let’s drink a Beaver beer.

Dogs love peanut butter. Baxter is no different. When I go to make a PB&J for lunch, he knows the sound of the peanut butter jar opening. In recent years, brewers have been playing with peanut butter as a flavor for beer, which makes Baxter very excited. The natural pairing with that is a stout, of course.

I’ve seen and drank a lot of peanut butter stouts at this point. Many times, they are disappointing, either suffering from not enough peanut butter flavor or too much, leaving the roasty goodness of the stout behind. One brewery in San Diego County—Belching Beaver--seems to have perfected the balance of peanut butter and stout better than most, with its Peanut Butter Milk Stout.

I remember a conversation I had somewhere in some bar when traveling for work. I couldn’t tell you which city it was, or the name of the guy I talked to, but I know the details of our chat. He mentioned that his good friend is one of the proprietor’s of Belching Beaver Brewery. Immediately Peanut Butter Milk Stout came to mind. I hadn’t had the beer, but I had heard about it. He says the beer had become so popular it was Belching Beaver’s new flagship, and the sales were funding expansion.

When I finally tried the beer on a trip to San Diego, I saw what the hype is all about. I brought some home for Baxter. Now the brewery distributes in Washington, and I was able to pick some up before heading out to Pullman.

Craig’s Review: Peanut butter nose, creamy texture, nice roasted flavor, good peanut butter finish. One of the best five percent stouts I’ve had.

Baxter’s Review: Peanut Butter ahhhhhhhhh.

Schooner’s Review: I have yet to learn the delights of peanut butter, but I’ve heard good things.