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The CougCenter Hour: Revisiting the Stanford win with Jacob Thorpe and Jeff Nusser

Another week, another blowout win over a former conference power. This is very fun.

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Will you love me as I love you constantly? / Wasted in the downpour / Whatever we believe, whatever we believe / Take them under, take them over / Crack the bullwhip, chop the tree

Boy ... this season is turning out to be a whole lot of fun (on the field wise)!

Welcome to another edition of the CougCenter Hour as we get to talk about another big, dominating win for Washington State over a former Pac-12 conference power. We visit with the Spokesman-Review's Jacob Thorpe and get his observations on the team and what has changed the last few weeks. Plus, what he saw in their big win over the Cardinal.

Then, we visit with our own Jeff Nusser to get his take on the last three games ... and to also talk a little smack about Jim Mora. Also, my neighbor stops by to MOW HER LAWN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SIX FRIGGIN' WEEKS, JEEZ, FINALLY.

As always, we end with our Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Thanks for listening!