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Mike Leach: Someday I’ll run it on 100% of plays

We think he was kidding.

Oregon v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

I’m sure more than a few casual observers went to bed last night before the end of WSU’s beatdown of Oregon, only to wake up this morning and have to pick their jaws up off the ground when they saw this:

Isn’t this Washington State? Isn’t the Cougars’ coach Air Raid guru Mike Leach?

While we WSU fans all knew there was a chance this could happen, everyone else was surprised, so after asking about how the big victory felt, Pac-12 Network sideline reporter Lewis Johnson had to ask about the rushing performance. Leach’s response was pure Leach gold (fast forward to the 0:30 mark):

“Well, yeah, uh, yeah, you wanna run it sometimes,” Leach said. “So, uh, yeah, one of these days, one of these days before I retire, I’m going to throw it 100 percent one game and then run it 100 percent the next and tell everybody we’re balanced."

Leach went on to explain he stole that line from June Jones, but still — it was funny, because I think he was joking.

I think.