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WSU bowl projections: Outlook remains rosy for a trip to Pasadena

Plenty still has to go right for WSU to make it to Pasadena ... but they’ve got a shot!

Washington State v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A win a) in Tempe and b) one they had to hold on to and c) including a kick return for a touchdown.

Jeez, that game had everything, didn’t it?

The win over the Arizona State Chickensh— er, Sun Devils, means the Cougs are one win away from bowl eligibility and they’re now into the easiest three game stretch of their schedule with one visit to the Oregon State Beavers followed by two home games against the Arizona Wildcats and Cal Golden Bears.

So, we can say with a pretty high degree of confidence now that the Cougs will be playing in the postseason. The only question is where. As we do every week, we check in with bowl game prognosticators to see what they think of the Cougs chances of landing where. And as we also do every week, a reminder of the Pac-12 bowl tie-ins.

  1. Rose Bowl vs. Big Ten (Pasadena, CA)
  2. Alamo Bowl vs. Big 12 (San Antonio, TX)
  3. Holiday Bowl vs. Big Ten (San Diego, CA)
  4. Foster Farms Bowl vs. Big Ten (Santa Clara, CA)
  5. Sun Bowl vs. ACC (El Paso, TX)
  6. Las Vegas Bowl vs. MWC (Las Vegas, NV)
  7. Cactus Bowl vs. Big 12 (Phoenix, AZ)

Note: Should the Washington Huskies make it into the College Football Playoff, the Rose Bowl is not obligated to take the Pac-12 South champion if someone in the North, say the Cougs, are better record wise.

SB Nation: Alamo Bowl

From the mothership, the same projection that we saw last week, albeit with a different opponent in the Texas Christian Horned Frogs. That’d be a dandy of a match-up against a pretty good football team and, again, deep in the heart of Texas against a Lone Star state team.

(Portland based Cougs: Spurs are at home against the Trail Blazers the next day so if you wanna stick around AND yell at LaMarcus Aldridge, you’ve got your chance.)

College Football News: Rose Bowl

CFN assumes the Huskies will be making it to the CFP so they give the Cougs the nod to fill their slot at the Rose Bowl. In this scenario, you’re rooting for Utah to lose a lot more along with Colorado and, for the heck of it, USC because ... well, screw ‘em.

ESPN: Alamo and Rose Bowl

Another week, another carbon copy of what Brett McMurphy and Mark Schlabach believe the Cougs will do in the postseason. Different opponents this time though: Baylor in the Alamo, Ohio State in the Rose.

CBS: Foster Farms Bowl

Different week, same projection from Jerry Palm who keeps WSU’s opponent, Indiana, the same as well.

Sporting News: Alamo Bowl

More consistency here in all areas with the Cougs slotted to take on the Baylor Bears in San Antonio.


We’ll update this post as more projections become available.