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Cougars look for eighth straight win Saturday

Eight in a row isn't unprecedented, but it is extremely rare in these parts.

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Good morning. Cougar Football Saturday is here once again, and hopefully many of you are getting ready to do some tailgatin'. The Cougs are aiming for their eighth consecutive win Saturday night, and the Cal Bears stand in their way. Well, the Cal offense might stand in their way. I'm not sure whether the Cal defense will.

WSU is currently a two-touchdown favorite, which speaks to the difference in the respective defenses. While the two offenses are comparable, WSU's defense is markedly better than Cal's. WSU gives up 5.97 yards-per-play, and has surrendered 25 touchdowns in nine games this season. Cal, meanwhile, gives up 6.65 YPP and has allowed a breathtaking 48 touchdowns. Arizona has only allowed 44, and that includes the nine touchdowns WSU scored last Saturday.

On offense, Cal gains a ton of yards, but they also take a lot of plays to gain those yards. They average just 6.05 YPP, while WSU averages a slightly-better 6.31. Cal has scored almost a touchdown-per-game less than WSU, totaling 43 TDs so far this season, compared to WSU's 50. In total, Cal averages an impressive 39.7 points-per-game. That should be good enough to win nearly every game. One problem - Cal is DFL in scoring defense, allowing 44.4.

Compare that to the Cougars, who give up just 24.7 PPG, good for 43rd nationally. That is the one thing that should determine the outcome here. Ok, one more stat - WSU is tied for sixth nationally with a +9 turnover ratio. Cal isn't bad at +1, but if there is one thing we can almost always point to when trying to figure out why one team won, it's the turnover battle. Win that, and you're almost certain to win the game. Well, unless you're Clemson, who loses the turnover battle all the time but still keeps winning.

All of that is a long-winded way of saying that WSU's defense should be the difference Saturday night. Whereas both teams tend to give up a fair amount of yards, WSU often bends but doesn't break. I don't think either offense will have much of a problem moving the ball. Can WSU force Davis Webb into a couple mistakes, while avoiding turnovers themselves? That will almost certainly tell the tale.

All stats aside, WSU's task Saturday night is simple. Beat Cal, and a victory in the Apple Cup means a trip to the Pac-12 title game. But as the great military/sports thinker Carl von Clausewitz (probably) once said, "Everything in college football is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult." So sit back, crack open one or three of your favorite beverages, mainline some Red Bull if you're on the east coast and enjoy the game. Go Cougs.


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Best beer I had this week: Stopped by my favorite local beer store Wednesday after work, and found out that veterans got a 10% discount this week. My credit card is just now getting over the beating. Among other greats, I picked up some Sierra Nevada Narwal Imperial Stout. I've realized that when it comes to stouts, I prefer the Imperial kind. I mean, any time you want to make something better, just throw "imperial" in front of it and you're well on your way.

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