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Logan Tago’s suspension lifted by WSU, allowed to return to classroom

The sophomore placed on a university sancitioned suspended through May 2017 for his role in a summer incident involving an altercation over stolen beer, resulting in a felony charge.

Washington State Athletic Communication

Washington State starting nose tackle Robert Barber received good news yesterday as Whitman County judge David Frazier granted a stay of his suspension, allowing him to return to the classroom and the football team under certain conditions.

Barber’s case appears to have already impacted one of his teammates as, according to Stefanie Loh of the Seattle Times, Logan Tago’s suspension from the school was lifted Thursday, allowing the sophomore linebacker to return to the classroom, effective immediately. The report indicates that Frazier’s ruling in Barber’s case prompted the suspension be lifted and that the Student Conduct Board will be reviewing Tago’s case.

Loh reports that Tago, from American Samoa, was suspended for two years by the Student Conduct Board through May 2018 for his role in a June altercation that involved a stolen six-pack of beer and left one student with a concussion. Tago appealed the decision, but found out last week that the appeals board upheld it, according to the report.

With his suspension from the school lifted, Tago is allowed to resume classes and practice with the team, though having been charged with second-degree robbery, a felony, he is unable to compete in games, per athletic department policy.

Tago, also charged with fourth-degree misdemeanor assault, is scheduled to appear in a Whitman County courtroom tomorrow for his arraignment. Loh reports that Tago is expected to plead not guilty to both charges. If that is indeed the case, Tago would still be ineligible to participate in games until the felony charge is dismissed or reduced.


According to Stefanie Loh of the Seattle Times, Tago pled not guilty in Whitman County Court today. His pre-trial hearing is set for January 13 with trial beginning January 23. Barring something unforeseen, Tago’s season would appear to be over.