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The Luke Falk Stat Machine: Colorado Edition

NCAA Football: California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The weather forecast for Boulder this weekend is looking to be a nice 50 degrees, but with how hot Luke Falk has been through his last 4 games you will want to pack some shorts and a tank top because he is scorching anything in his vicinity of late.

From the ASU game through Cal, Falk is completing 77% of his passes, getting 8.1 yards per attempt and has thrown 17 touchdowns to 1 interception.

He’s going up against the best pass defense in the Pac-12 in Colorado. They’re #1 in opponent completion %, give up 5.5 yards per attempt and only 177 passing yards per game. Their last 4 games they’ve only given up 2 passing touchdowns while getting 5 interceptions. This is going to be like the 2016 version of the Tune Squad vs the Monstars.

Below is the trusty Luke Falk Stat Machine. The left side is what Falk’s average stat line is in 2016, the right side is the average stat line of the QB’s Colorado has faced this season. You can input changes, like updating Falk’s stats to more reflect his last 4 games, and the stat line will update.

(if you’re on mobile hold your phone horizontally and the chart should fit to the width of your phone)