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WSU vs Creighton: Preview, game thread, schedule, TV and online streaming info

There is a basketball game later. I don't think you can watch it unless you are in the Virgin Islands. Talk about it?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, your Washington State Cougars and their TWO game winning streak head out to the Virgin Islands to play the Creighton Bluejays in the Paradise Jam Tournament.   The game will tip off at the UVI Sports & Fitness Center at 5:30 PM PDT.

You can catch this game absolutely nowhere on television, but apparently you can pay some sort of subscription and watch the game on something called FLOHoops here for TWENTY DOLLARS!!!!  You can also listen to the WSU radio broadcast on  I expect stats should be carried across the Caribbean via cruise ship so expect a score around next Wednesday.

Look, I know that tomorrow the Cougs play their biggest football game in over a decade, so this seems out of place, but the basketball team is still undefeated for a few more hours!  We have until like eight PM before we can't say that for another year.

The Bluejays are clearly looking to get some revenge against our Cougs, as WSU holds a 1-0 all time advantage dating all the way back to when the Cougs were victorious during a game happening literally during World War II.

Creighton is currently ranked #22 in the country in the AP Poll, #20 in the Coach's Poll, #33 on KenPom's laptop and #1 in Tanner Lancona's heart. (I mixed up Creighton with Saint Louis, but I'm keeping the joke in here, anyway.  You didn't know the difference, either.)

Can the Cougs pull off the upset?  Probably not, but let's go over what this team does well anyway:  Creighton runs about a third of its plays through all-everything Guard Maurice Watson, averaging 17 points per game, and another quarter of its offense through Guard Marcus Foster, also averaging 17 points through their first few games.  Watson and Foster combined for 32 points in knocking off #9 Wisconsin on Tuesday and will look to combine for 32 points by halftime this evening.

Combined with Khyri Thomas, their guard trio is averaging over .500 on three point attempts, and should they miss, Creighton has seven-footer Justin Patton pulling down rebounds at a nationally ranked rate on Pomeroy's rankings.

So here's the thing:  It's gonna cost you $20 to watch the Cougs get wrecked tonight.  Save your money, buy that bottle of brown liquor you've had your eye on all week and start prepping for Colorado.

Pomeroy projects Creighton to win this game 84-72 with an 86% confidence.  Vegas has the Bluejays as a 14.5 point favorite with a 154.5 O/U, which means the computers value the Cougs(!!!)  Regardless, we look forward to seeing who the Cougs face in the loser's bracket tomorrow.

This page will also serve as your game thread for this evening so feel free to cheer for the upset along with the rest of us here.  Also, please list how many real American dollars you would actually pay to watch this game in the comment section.

Go Cougs!