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Apple Cup 2016: What the heck does Keith Jackson say at the end of this sentence?

We can’t figure it out and we hope you can.

Bobby Knight

Our Slack roundtables regarding the goings on of the football team seemed quite popular earlier this year. We haven’t had the time to do another since then but a completely spontaneous one cropped up last night with absolutely no resolution.

We spent the better part of an hour on a question we never thought would consume us for so long but ... what the heck is Keith Jackson saying at the end of this sentence around the :37 mark of this YouTube video?

In Brian Floyd’s excellent piece on SB Nation this morning, he ultimately settled on “picked”. That, however, was far from the consensus amongst us.

(Note: we have terrible grammar/punctuation in our Slack chat. We ain’t fixin’ it. WE’RE TOO REAL, YO.)

brianfloyd [9:08 PM]

one more thing on this. he says `For one who came from afar and who stayed long enough to have a life [something]`. what's the something

brian_anderson [9:12 PM]

@brianfloyd: "here" is my guess

goldenthroat [9:16 PM]

@brianfloyd sounds like a k sound in there

brianfloyd [9:36 PM]


goldenthroat [9:37 PM]

either that or picked but that first part sounds like a k as well


it won't record onto my editing software at work for some reason so i can't just listen to it on loop.


It's definitely kicked or picked

brianfloyd [9:40 PM]

(trying to transcribe it and that's the one hangup ive got)

brian_anderson [9:41 PM]

I put headphones on, sounded like "ear" to me through the speakers, definitely "-icked" sound at the end




f—-, it's changed


came from afar and stayed long enough to have his life changed

brianfloyd [9:44 PM]

oh. duh


that'd make sense

brian_anderson [9:44 PM]

second guessing myself now though

brianfloyd [9:45 PM]

it sounds like -icked but it doesn't make sense

brian_anderson [9:45 PM]

unless he's using an old person word we never learned




that mean something? wheres' @jeffnusser he's old

jeffnusser [9:46 PM]



ha, now I'm listening to it


I have no idea man

goldenthroat [9:48 PM]

I don't hear changed at all there

brian_anderson [9:48 PM]

hard ch, fade, -ed


like he said it on a breath or something

goldenthroat [9:50 PM]

changed definitely makes the most sense, I'm just not getting that ch sound at the beginning

craigpowers [9:50 PM]

sounds like kicked to me

jeffnusser [9:50 PM]

could be a -ute sound


with emphasis on the T

brian_anderson [9:50 PM]

let's ask Keith on twitter, anyone know his handle?

craigpowers [9:51 PM]

So maybe "have a life kicked" could be an adaptation of "get a kick out of?"

goldenthroat [9:52 PM]

I was just about to paste this @craigpowers:


I think that's what he's saying, "kicked" as

brian_anderson [9:52 PM]

still going with changed. y'all need to listen harder


the "aynge" sound being way more "inge" sounding

craigpowers [9:53 PM]

Sorry, nope, don't get either of those sounds

brian_anderson [9:53 PM]

sharp start and long -ed at the end


not a "ki" like kick but a ch like changed

goldenthroat [9:56 PM]

I ain't hearing it

brian_anderson [9:56 PM]

it's the best I got

craigpowers [9:58 PM]

So the auto-close caption comes in French and it says "realistes les droits de l'homme" which translates in English to "realistic human rights." Mystery solved (edited)


Maybe it is "have a life picked" as in you stayed long enough to get a degree in a major of your choosing, picking a life for yourself


I've talked myself into picked and I am right

brian_anderson [10:04 PM]

I think that is a nonsense sentence and there's no way that's right

goldenthroat [10:04 PM]

I'm sticking with kicked


We're very helpful to Floyd

craigpowers [10:05 PM]

You have a science brain, BA. Writers write like that all the time. Leave it to the liberal arts majors in the room

goldenthroat [10:05 PM]

@brianfloyd make it something even more non-sensical so he reaches out to correct you then ask him if he'd come on the podcast

brian_anderson [10:05 PM]

you are saying Keith F——g Jackson is ending a sentence with "kicked" as in "get a kick out of life". you both know that is a bad suggestion.

craigpowers [10:06 PM]

No, I said "Picked"

brian_anderson [10:06 PM]

yours is worse and you know that too

craigpowers [10:06 PM]

"Have a life picked" which is a very real reason for going to school

brian_anderson [10:06 PM]

picked by whom?

goldenthroat [10:06 PM]

Keith Jackson ain't gunna end it with something obvious if he can use something methaphorical and old southern charm-y

craigpowers [10:07 PM]

By yourself

brian_anderson [10:07 PM]

kicked is not southern charmy

goldenthroat [10:07 PM]



He's old, could've been an old saying

brian_anderson [10:07 PM]

just listen harder and you guys would get the real answer, something that is not kicked or picked


I said that

craigpowers [10:08 PM]

It is picked.

goldenthroat [10:08 PM]

well i forgot because i'm old

brian_anderson [10:08 PM]

You are kicked


as in, I get a kick out of you


that's how that works right?

goldenthroat [10:09 PM]

Or something, yes


"I got a kick out of going to WSU"

brian_anderson [10:10 PM]


craigpowers [10:10 PM]






brian_anderson [10:10 PM]



it could be picked but I think craig has bad ears

brian_anderson [10:11 PM]

goldenthroat [10:12 PM]

It's teal and orange


That dress is kicked

brian_anderson [10:13 PM]

that's your best usage of kicked so far


also not something keith jackson would say

goldenthroat [10:14 PM]

What? He wouldn't say kicked? We know this?

brian_anderson [10:14 PM]

he would not use kicked as an "ugly" synonym, no

craigpowers [10:15 PM]

I know this process. They were writing. First they had "stayed long enough to choose a life" or something like that, then they were like "that doesn't sound folksly enough, flip the sentence. "Stayed long enough to have a life chosen". Well that doesn't fit with the cadence. Then new guy Todd says "I know, let's put picked instead of chosen!" "YES, YOU ARE GENIUS, TODD" Then Todd was promoted, but had no other ideas and the mounting pressure to live up to that one moment forced him to have a mind lost. He's in an institution still, and watches that intro on loop.


In summation: The word is picked

zane_rm [10:15 PM]

He's saying "shaped"

goldenthroat [10:15 PM]


zane_rm [10:15 PM]

"Who stayed long enough to have a life shaped " (edited)

brian_anderson [10:17 PM]

I like zane's too

craigpowers [10:18 PM]

Shaped I am down with, now that I listen and look for that. the "aped" makes sense because he makes a lip-smacking sound at the end

brian_anderson [10:19 PM]



you're just doing this despite me craig and I don't appreciate it

craigpowers [10:19 PM]

Because the g sound is not hard enough

brian_anderson [10:19 PM]

it is just a grunt


a man grunt


oh and that's what she said

goldenthroat [10:20 PM]

I just can't shake that there's a k or p sound in there

bRian_anderson [10:22 PM]

I'm switching to Team Shaped, officially

goldenthroat [10:23 PM]

I'm changing to picked

craigpowers [10:24 PM]

Sorry Preston, I am also now on Team Shaped

goldenthroat [10:24 PM]

I'll take up the Team Picked banner

zane_rm [10:24 PM]


zane_rm [10:25 PM]

‘Sup Throat?

sherwood [10:26 PM]

My guess was piqued

goldenthroat [10:26 PM]


craigpowers [10:26 PM]

(I say we throw up the video and copy and paste this conversation)

goldenthroat [10:26 PM]

The people have been demanding another roundtable

zane_rm [10:27 PM]

Piqued could play

goldenthroat [10:29 PM]


brian_anderson [10:31 PM]

those are straws you're grasping

goldenthroat [10:32 PM]

There's no SH sound, a q explains the k I'm hearing and messes with "picked"



brian_anderson [10:33 PM]

okay piqued could also work

craigpowers [10:34 PM]

Now I'm basically hearing whatever the last suggestion was on here

brian_anderson [10:37 PM]

if we do round table this please just edit my swearing out, for the kids. do it like they do movies on tbs though.

sherwood [10:37 PM]

You can add Brian's swearing into mine.


go big or go home. Team piqued.

craigpowers [10:38 PM]

I'm just waiting for the next person to come into this late and suggest a completely new and different word


I think he says "f—-ed"

goldenthroat [10:39 PM]

I'm gunna wake up to about 300 new messages once the east coasters wake up and start arguing

craigpowers [10:39 PM]

I was gonna write something, but this was a better use of an hour


So, what say you? What is Keith Jackson saying at the end of that sentence:

Note: we couldn’t even get a definitive answer from people whose job it is to figure this out.