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Coach’s Quick Screen - Harvey Wins it for the Cougs

Looking back at a great play in Apple Cup history.

Washington State Cougars v Washington Huskies Otto Greule Jr.

Before you indulge in way too much good food, indulge in some nostalgia as we take a look back at an iconic play in Apple Cup history.

WSU Offensive Formation

11 Personnel - Ace Open

Washington Defensive Front

Base Personnel - 43 Base Cover 4 Shell

UW is playing a super vanilla base defense, and WSU is going to exploit it fairly easily. The key element here is the alignment of the outside linebacker towards the bottom of the screen. He’s lined up well inside of Trandon Harvey, the slot receiver.

At the Snap

WSU runs a bubble screen to the offense’s left. Because that ‘backer is lined up inside of Harvey, he has already given up leverage and Harvey continues to run away from. The ‘backer is chasing from the snap and never makes a real impact on the play.

Three of the offensive linemen cut the Husky defensive line pretty effectively. The left guard handles a defensive tackle, and the left tackle slides out to cut the defensive end, which is probably the most important block along the interior because sometimes those defensive linemen get their hands up and tip screen passes in triple overtime that are somehow ruled as fumbles and oh great now I just punched the wall again.

The center releases and does a pretty good job getting into the second level and interfering with the middle linebacker’s path to the eventual ball carrier. It may not have affected the play too much, but you always have to appreciate the big fellas getting downfield in a hurry.

The best block of the play, however, belongs to Greg Prator, the split receiver to playside. He is going to cut and roll up on the corner, effectively eliminating him from the play.

The best part of the block is actually how it affects the path of the safety coming over to try and save the play. Because Prator positioned himself where he did, the safety is forced to go around his teammate and the Cougar receiver. Because he decides to go underneath the block instead of over the top, Harvey has a free run DOWN THE SIDELINE to the end zone.

Touchdown Cougs.

Look at how empty the screen is around Harvey when he crosses the 20 and through the end zone. There is actual zero people in the zip code.

Butch is closer to Harvey than any Husky defender. That’s how effective Prator’s block is.

Here’s hoping for Cougar receivers running forty yards untouched DOWN THE SIDELINE.

Go Cougs.