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Cougar Football awaits bowl selection Sunday

WSU will be in either northern or southern California

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Good morning, and welcome to college football's version of Christmas Day. By 9:15 (PST) this morning, the College Football Playoff committee will have announced its four participants (almost certainly Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Washington - probably in that order). Once that is complete, and once everyone commences yelling about how the dumb stupid morons on the CFP committee got it wrong because they're all dumb and stupid, the rest of the bowls will announce their matchups.

It is then that we all expect the Holiday Bowl to extend an invitation to WSU, which will be happily accepted. The signs all point to the Cougs facing either Iowa or Minnesota. The guess here (and elsewhere) is that Iowa ends up in Tampa and the Golden Gophers head to San Diego. If WSU does indeed face Minnesota, it will do so 10 years after Mike Leach faced the Gophers in a bowl game. You might remember that as the greatest comeback in bowl history, as the Red Raiders rallied from a 38-7 deficit to force overtime, ultimately winning 44-41.

A rematch between Leach and the Gophers would probably be a fun one, as it would be a clash of styles. While the Cougs are well-known for the Air Raid, the Gophers had more rushing yards in 2016 than passing yards. They also don't beat themselves, giving up 37 points off of turnovers while scoring 93 points off opponent turnovers.

Since I spent three paragraphs talking about the likelihood of a trip to San Diego to face Minnesota, the Cougs are all but guaranteed to either draw Iowa, or head to the Foster Farms Bowl. Either way, we get to find out pretty soon. And at least we know that WSU won't be in El Paso the day after Christmas.

The CFP selection show begins at 9 a.m. PST on ESPN and lasts four hours, during which you will hear every lava-hot take from every ESPN analyst who ever lived. If that isn't enough for you, flip on over to ESPNU at 1 p.m. for the Championship Drive Bowl Selection Show. Hopefully they'll dedicate a minute or three to the Cougs. Merry College Football Christmas.


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