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WSU scholarships, departures and roster breakdown following 2016 signing day

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The dust has settled on Washington State's 2016 signing class and the Cougars' roster heading into spring football has mostly taken shape. There are some big additions, as well as few departures since last season, both in graduating players and those leaving the team early.

Because it is college football and rosters are almost always in flux, there will be more changes before the Cougars step on the field for the 2016 season opener. The core of the team this season and moving forward, however, is in place. WSU's roster is in an interesting place. The Cougars took a step forward on the field last season, but lost a relatively small senior class. They will return with a similarly small senior class this year and still have a ton of youth on the roster.

With so much change and the new recruiting class settled, it's time to take a closer look at WSU's projected scholarship situation. As always, the table below is simply the best projection we can make from an educated guess. There are walk-ons who could be on scholarship that are listed otherwise below. Also, don't focus too much on class designations. WSU recently updated its roster, but it does not list any redshirts from last season. We've sorted through the participation reports to try and get things accurate -- at least with the scholarship players -- but one or two could be out of place. We'll update again when we get WSU's spring roster.

WSU Scholarship Allocation
Position Scholarship No. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
QB 4 Luke Falk*

Peyton Bender*

Matt Jimison

Christian Jorgenson

Tyler Hilinski* Justus Rogers
RB 5

Jamal Morrow*

Gerard Wicks*

Keith Harrington*

Alijah Lee*

Killian Page

Madigan Taulelei

James Williams* Romello Harris


Brett Bartolone*

River Cracraft

Gabe Marks*

John Thompson

CJ Dimry*

Robert Lewis*

Kyrin Priester

Kyle Sweet

Nick Begg* (TE)

Kainoa Wilson

Kaleb Fossum

Tavares Martin Jr.

Renard Bell

Isaiah Johnson

Dezmon Patmon

Grant Porter

OL 17

Eduardo Middleton*

Riley Sorenson

Caleb Hancock

Carlos Freeman*

Cole Madison*

Cody O'Connell*

B.J. Salmonson*

Andre Dillard*

Mack Hopkins*

Drew Norvell

Chris Paz

Cedric Bigge-Duren*

Noah Osur-Myers*

Davis Perrott*

Amosa Sakaria*

Nilsson Gaisoa

Christian Haangana

Keenen King

Frederick Mauigoa

Liam Ryan

Josh Watson

DL 11

Robert Barber*

Jeremiah Mitchell*

Garrett McBroom*

Daniel Ekuale*

Ngalu Tapa*

Hercules Mata'afa*

Kingston Fernandez*

Jacob Laird*

Hunter Mattox*

T.J. Fehoko*

Danny Bender

Lyric Bartley

LB 15

Parker Henry*

Aaron Porter

Paris Taylor*

Dylan Hanser

Frankie Luvu

Peyton Pelluer*

Chima Onyeukwu

Suliasi Tamaivena

Nate DeRider*

Greg Hoyd III*

Chandler Leniu*

Logan Tago

Tristan Brock

Taylor Comfort*

Drew Griffin*

Nnamdi Oguayo*

Derek Moore

Mason Vinyard

Jahad Woods



Treshon Broughton

Willie Roach*

Marcellus Pippins

Charleston White*

Robert Taylor

Kirkland Parker*

Dakota Sinchak*

Darrien Molton

Calvin Green*

D'Jimon Jones

Skyler Thomas

Jalen Thompson

Marcus Strong

S 7

Shalom Luani

Colton Teglovic*

Isaac Dotson*

Darius Lemora*

Hunter Dale

Suli Hameed*

Andrew Hecker

Kameron Powell*

Deion Singleton*

P 0

Zach Charme

K 1 Mitchell Cox Erik Powell* Brett Schafer Matt Abramo*
LS 0

Lucas Gravelle*

Kyle Celli*
Totals 82 12 22 15 12 21

(Key: Italics = Scholarship player | * = used redshirt season)

First, let's talk about departures. WSU suffered some attrition since the start of last season, but not massively. David Bucannon and Sam Flor appear to have left the team since the end of last season. Pat Porter and Jeff Farrar are no longer in the secondary either. From our scholarship math prior to the start of spring football last year to now, 11 scholarship players with eligibility have departed. In the grand scheme of college football, that is a normal, if not below average, number.

As a result, WSU's scholarship count continues to rise. The Cougars played last season with a scholarship projection in the low-to-mid 70s. It's likely at least a couple of the 82 players listed above will depart, but it seems WSU should be a little healthier on the scholarship count next season.

The biggest difference from last season is a very healthy junior class. Heading into spring football 2015, the Cougars had 14 scholarships slotted to the junior class. Roughly half of those were minor or non-contributors. WSU now has a very healthy junior class, and it makes up a significant portion of the contributing roster. That's a great trend.

The scholarship allocation is close to identical from recent seasons. The Cougars are a little lighter on offensive linemen than recently, by a player or two. There is a little more scholarship depth at linebacker and cornerback as a result. Overall, there is a lot of depth across the roster. This is also the first time the Cougars have had four scholarship quarterbacks in some time. The running back depth is considerably stronger as well.

There is still work to do, and there will certainly be changes in the next few months, but WSU's roster continues to trend in the right direction, getting deeper and more experienced each season.