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Former WSU LT Joe Dahl impresses at NFL Combine

The last few months of training have built to just a few hours in Indianapolis for Joe Dahl. He finished his week impressing scouts Friday with another good performance.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine in Indianapolis is the best chance for most prospects to greatly increase their draft stock. Former Coug safety Deone Bucannon made himself an awful lot of money a couple of years ago, vaulting himself into the first round of the 2014 draft.

Joe Dahl, WSU's only invite to this year's combine, may have done just that with an impressive showing at Lucas Oil Field this week.

Dahl actually measured a little taller (6'4") and heavier than he did last month (304 pounds) in Mobile, according to Stephanie Loh at the Seattle Times. Not only that, his wingspan apparently got longer as well; all good news for Dahl who is expected to slide inside to guard in the NFL. Dahl's bench press and broad jump performances were also impressive, finishing 11th and 8th respectively in those drills.

In fact, his entire Friday performance helped hm catch the eye of many of those watching the combine.

Dahl also spent the week giving interviews to reporters, telling the assembled media earlier this week that his time spent at the Senior Bowl involved an awful lot of studying. Like, more than he'd ever done playing football.

So where does Dahl figure to go in the draft this May? It's kind of hard to tell at this point. Mock drafts don't go too in depth until later on in the spring when most prognosticators get a better idea of where teams will go and what they need. WSU also has their own Pro Day coming up next month where Dahl will get his final opportunity to show off to scouts and he'll get to do it in a controlled environment.

According to Loh's piece, right now Dahl projects to be a mid-round draft pick. We'll see if he's able to move up in the second round of the draft with his performance this week and a hopefully good one next month in Pullman.

Since most of our readers also happen, I assume, to be Seahawks fans and, assuming that, you'd be aware of their issues on the offensive line, you might be wondering whether the Seahawks have shown any interest. Well, the answer is: a little. The Times' Seahawks reporter Bob Condotta says the Seahawks will likely be interested in taking Dahl.