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Mike Leach receives a lesson in "Dabbing"

All the kids are doing it, Coach.

Mike Leach is a football coach, and while social media is a crucial tool when it comes to college football recruiting, he could care less about all of the Twittering, BookFacing and all of that other Internetting nonsense.

His football program, however, cares quite a bit about using the Twitter machine to market WSU football. On Wednesday, as national letters of intent rolled into the Football Operations Building, each signee was welcomed into the WSU family with a Twitter graphic depicting them as a cartoon character "dabbing."

When asked his thoughts on "The Dab" at his National Signing Day press conference today, one thing became very clear: Mike Leach has absolutely zero clue what "dabbing" is.

"So it's like a hide your eyes salute thing," Leach asked after watching a video tutorial provided by one of the members of the media. Seriously curious, though, Leach followed up with, "It's like sneezing? I need to get out more."

Dabbing, according to Leach, "looks like a tremendous amount of fun," but it appears his training is not yet complete.

Never change, Coach.

(Video courtesy SWX Right Now)