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WSU football season ticket prices up with extra home game on schedule

Season ticket prices are on the rise for the 2016 season but only because WSU will be playing seven home games instead of the usual six.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It's that magical time of year again, when WSU football season tickets are up for renewal. It's like Christmas except it's February and I'm not going hoarse screaming at people in a mall parking lot to JUST MOVE DOWN THE AISLE AND STOP WAITING FOR THAT ELDERLY WOMAN TO PULL OUT OF HER PARKING SPOT.

Following a 9-4 season and their first bowl win in over a decade, season ticket prices are actually higher compared to the 2015 but it's not WSU trying to take advantage of your added generosity. For the first time since 2008 (1999 if you don't count games in Seattle), WSU is playing seven home games, meaning prices from 2015 have to go up since you're getting one extra football game.

Let take a look at the prices and Cougar Athletic Fund price breakdown with this year's seating chart:

2016 Seating Chart

Photo Courtesy: WSU Athletics

CAF donation levels are on par with where they've been the last couple years as near as I can tell as ticket prices jumped to reflect the extra game you'll be getting in 2016. Expect those prices to stay the same or go up for 2017 as the Cougs will have seven home games again, including three non-conference games against Montana State, Nevada and Boise State.

If you've currently got season tickets and you want to renew them (heck, why wouldn't ya?), renewals run through March 25th and you can add or more seats later on in the spring. If you're new to the season ticket game or you want to get them again, you can make a request for them here and you can even use a fancy seat selector when it's your turn to pick.

Here's your 2016 home schedule if you're still on the fence about grabbing some tickets:

Sept. 3rd vs. Eastern Washington
Sept. 17th vs. Idaho (Leach/Petrino Handshake II)
Oct. 1st vs. Oregon
Oct. 15th vs. UCLA (Homecoming)
Nov. 5th vs. Arizona (Dad's Weekend)
Nov. 12th vs. California
Nov. 25th vs. Washington