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Let's re-watch fun Cougar Football Highlights

The landscape is somewhat barren this weekend, so let's remember the good times!

William Mancebo/Getty Images

Good morning, Cougar fans. I'll be honest. I spent the better part of Saturday at a beer festival. I'm writing this post on Saturday night, because I've got an early date Sunday. More on that at the end of the post. As Championship Weeks comes to a close, we don't have a lot to root for, what with out basketball team stinking up the joint this season. Instead, let's look back to brighter days.

As you may know, the Cougar football team had a pretty darn good season on 2015. The fine folks at went to the trouble of publishing highlights of every Cougar game. Watching our favorite team win never gets old, so let's do it again.

Info Note: If the embedded videos don't load, hit "Refresh."

WSU at Rutgers

Final Thoughts: Erik Powell kicked the heck out of the ball. When Pippins intercepted that first pass, I remember thinking, "What the heck just happened? Was that an actual interception?" If you only saw this video, you might think Gabe Marks died.

Wyoming at WSU

Final Thoughts: Peyton Pelluer had a heck of a game. In case you wondering, Keith Harrington is explosive.

WSU at Oregon

Final Thoughts: I will never not marvel at Gabe Marks' ability to catch the ball, along with Jamal Morrow's balance.

Oregon State at WSU

Final Thoughts: Even though it turns out OSU was terrible, it was really refreshing to watch WSU come out and boatrace a conference opponent.

WSU at Arizona

Final Thoughts: The defense really came to play against Arizona's running game. This game never should have been as close as it was. Great win nonetheless.

Arizona State at WSU

Final Thoughts: I'll be honest. When ASU went up by two scores, and WSU couldn't get out of its own way on offense, I didn't think the Cougs came to play. Boy was I wrong. It's still hilarious and sad that Keith Harrington got flagged for high-fiving a fan.


Final Thoughts: What a gutsy performance by everybody involved. Josh Rosen was incredible, but Luke Falk was better. No Joe Dahl, no River Cracraft, no big deal.

Colorado at WSU

Final Thoughts: Aside from the awful Luke Falk part, this game stood out to me because it was largely a ho-hum affair, yet WSU was never really threatened. It was a very foreign feeling.

The Sun Bowl

Final Thoughts: The offense was good early, the defense was good late and the Cougs finished with nine wins. I hope you have as much fun watching all of these clips as I did. Let's do it again (and add a couple more wins) in 2016. Go Cougs


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Best beer I had this week: I spent most of my Saturday at Hunahpu's Day, a beer festival in Tampa. There were lots of great beers involved. Just please don't ask me to remember any of them. Sadly, I could find nothing of substance to link this week.


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For you golf fans out there: If you tune in to this week's PGA event on NBC, and you see some tall, ugly guy in Air Force blues holding the pin on the 16th hole, that's me.