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Mike Leach was right: one school voted for the satellite camp ban. It was UCLA (probably)

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott aired what we can only assume is a serious grievance on the part of everyone else in the conference: Dan Guerrero screwed it up royally.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Remember last week when Mike Leach went on the Rich Eisen Show and spent a quarter hour railing against the satellite camp ban? He told Rich that he was completely baffled the Pac-12 had actually voted in favor of it.

We're trying to uncover this, I'm sure most of the Pac-12 is trying to uncover this. The Pac-12 poll (on satellite camps), 11 in favor of satellite camps, one abstention. Now how that unfolds into a vote against satellite camps, I can't imagine. It's unfathomable.

I wrote off this statement a little bit, figuring there's no way 11 schools said they weren't in favor of the ban but the conference went ahead and voted for it anyway.

Turns out, I was wrong. So very, very wrong. And who do we have to blame? Probably the least surprising person ever.

Oh but wait, it gets even better!


Scott obviously isn't going to come out and say UCLA was the lone dissenting voice in the conference but reading between the lines ... but yeah, it was totally them. Guerrero basically decided he'd go ahead and vote the way he and UCLA wanted, not the way literally EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CONFERENCE wanted. Be damned what every other member of the Pac-12 wants, we're gunna get what we wanted.

Guerrero's tenure at UCLA has been ... well, less than productive at best (putting it politely). He's rather notorious for making decision that don't really please a large majority of his alumni or fanbase, which boiled over in a very public way just last month:

Not only is Guerrero not doing the best job running his own athletic department, he's now screwing up a rather crucial vote for everyone else in the conference but, well, why the heck not? Everyone in the conference already dislikes your football coach, bringing things full circle so the administration receives a similar level of ire seems to be par for the course with Chianti Dan.

I, personally, can't wait for Pac-12 media day in August.

UPDATE (8:05 P.M.): Hahahahahahaha, oh my goodness, it CAN get worse.