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Expect the unexpected from Alex Grinch's defense this season

Spring practice is showing coordinator's desire to mix and match with personnel.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Every day lately it seems like we get a new report of a position switch on defense in media reports in spring practice. The latest one has All-Conference safety Shalom Luani moving to the nickel spot as opposed to his normal free safety position. We have seen other players such as Charleston White and Jalen Thompson move around the secondary as well.

The front seven has also not been immune as Logan Tago has been moving between linebacker and end with Nnamdi Oguayo in the same boat. Tago is a versatile athlete and Oguayo is believed by the coaches to be one of the best pass rushers on the team so it makes sense they would be lined up all over the field. It's also a challenge for the coaches to get all the young linebackers on the field with these two and others such as Dylan Hanser and Frank Luvu as well as two top incoming junior college recruits. If Garret McBroom is as good as he's looked so far at the end spot this spring than it really becomes a challenge to get all these guys on the field.

A source close to the program has told us that he believes Grinch is experimenting  with these position changes in order to deploy his best possible lineup against all the different offenses the Cougars  will face next season.  The thinking goes: Whether you face a pass-heavy team such as Cal or a physical run game like Stanford's, Grinch will have the luxury through this tinkering to put the defensive talent where they will be most successful on a weekly basis. An exciting thought that WSU now has the talent to have this kind of potential flexibility.


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