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Join us at the First Annual CougCenter Spring Game Tailgate!

A good time is sure to be had by all!

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Perhaps you are going to the Crimson and Gray Game on Saturday at Joe Albi Stadium. Perhaps you thought to yourself at one time or another, "I wonder if these CougCenter fellows are as jovial, engaging and devastatingly handsome as they seem on the Internet? It might be fun to meet some of them someday!"

If these two things apply to you, Saturday is your lucky day! We're hosting the First Annual CougCenter Spring Tailgate, and we'd love to have you stop by to commiserate. This actually will be the largest gathering of CougCenter authors in the site's history -- right now, that stands at six, and even includes P.J. flying in from Florida.

(If you think that doesn't sound like very many, you clearly have never tried to get a dozen adults scattered across the state and country in one location.)

We'll even have some stuff to give away that we think you're really, really going to like.

The parking lot isn't that big, so you should be able to find us. (We should have an EZ-Up tent to protect us from the rain, so look for that.) If you're worried about it, shoot us an email at and we'll get you a number you can text on Saturday.

We should be all set up a couple of hours before the game, and our setup will include a grill -- we'll probably have some hot dogs to share (until they've all been consumed, anyway), or you can bring your meat of choice and make whatever you like. Then we'll head into the game and cheer for #TeamCrimson before coming back out to hang for a while afterward, weather permitting.

Hope to see you there! Go Cougs!