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Apple Cup 2016: Betting line opens as a pick 'em at South Point in Las Vegas

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The spread for this year's edition of the Apple Cup opens as even as it can: a pick 'em.

William Mancebo/Getty Images

We're still about 3 months away from college football kicking off but one Vegas casino has already released odds for Week 1 and some select games throughout the season. One game already on the board at the South Point in Vegas is the Apple Cup and it's in a pretty interesting spot if you're wanting to lay some dough on the game. South Point lists the game as a "pick", meaning, as far as they're concerned right now, it's an even match-up (relatively speaking, home teams usually get a field goal automatically for being at home).

The game is over half a year away and both teams will play 11 times before they meet in Pullman the day after Thanksgiving so it's hard to say where they'll be once the game finally rolls around. If you want to get the Cougs at a nice EVEN, -110 right now because you assume they'll be favored once late November runs around, get your butt to Vegas now since this is as good as the line will be all year.

If, on the other hand, you think the line will be moving in favor of Washington (BOOOOOO. BOOOOO THIS MAN.), wait it out and either put it on WSU to cover or make a little extra dough and throw it on the money line come November.

So, fair betting line for this game for now? I think it's in the Goldilocks Zone, especially considering how far away we are from the game. As I mentioned earlier, home teams usually get about a 3 point benefit so the odds makers think UW is a teensy bit better at this point, but if you like WSU to win, I'd hop on a plane now.