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CAF Priority Deadline moved up to June 1st for BSU game

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NCAA Football: Colorado at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Go 9-4, play a marquee non-conference team within easy traveling distance for your fans and amazing things will happen, right? Right.

We always kind of had an inkling demand for tickets to go see the Cougs take on Boise State would be high, but coupled with the things above AND the fact that Albertson Stadium is actually about the same size as Martin Stadium makes for a big problem when it comes to handing out the school's ticket allotment. Tickets are so in demand, the ticket office sent out an email today indicating you better get your request in a lot sooner than normal:

We wanted to reach out and say thank you for the overwhelming response for away ticket purchases. The Boise State game in particular has been very popular and we do anticipate selling out of tickets over the summer. In order to avoid over selling our ticket allotment before the CAF priority deadline, we’ve decided to move the CAF deadline to June 1, 2016 for the BSU game only. All the other away games the CAF priority deadline will remain July 8, 2016. As always, we will allocate seats based upon each patron’s CAF ranking.

If you want tickets for the Boise State game, you probably should've already gotten your request in. But if you haven't, you've now got 38 less days to do it.

As you can tell, the deadline is still the same for WSU's trips to Stanford, Oregon State, Arizona State and Colorado. As an aside for those of you who are both WSU and Seattle Seahawks fans, both teams will be in the Phoenix metro area on the same weekend so, yanno, two birds one stone.