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Gleason lands DJ gig on Pearl Jam radio

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Continues close connection with the band.

Sasha Haagensen/Getty Images

Sirius XM has been running a DJ set on Pearl Jam radio by our legendary Cougar alumnus Steve Gleason. The show has been playing on Sirius for the past week and featured Steve spinning his favorite Pearl Jam tracks and telling his story of battling ALS. Steve has long been a huge Pearl Jam fan and has become close with the band over the past few years.

This is not his first rodeo when it comes to DJing for the band as he was able to curate the band’s entire set list at their show in his hometown of Spokane in 2013 (BTW I have attended 12  Pearl Jam shows and this was my all-time favorite). He was a big reason the band made a trip back to the Lilac City for the first time in 20 years. Gleason also introduced the band at this year’s New Orleans JazzFest and wrote the setlist for their performance at the Crescent City’s Voodoofest in 2013. Lead singer Eddie Vedder told the crowd from the stage that Steve is a close friend "if not part of the group". Really cool stuff. Here is a clip of from the Spokane show.

For those interested here are the songs Steve hand-picked for his radio show. There are some legendary live performances here:

Pearl Jam - I Won't Back Down November 30th 2014 Spokane

Pearl Jam - Corduroy October 1st 1994 Mt. View, CA

Pearl Jam - Even Flow July 19th 2013 Chicago, IL

Pearl Jam - Given To Fly September 4th 2011 East Troy, WI

Pearl Jam - I Am Mine September 1st 2005 George, WA

Pearl Jam - Amongst The Waves

Pearl Jam - State Of Love And Trust June 20th 1998 Missoula, MT

Pearl Jam - Black October 18th 2000 Lubbock, TX

Pearl Jam - Crown Of Thorns (Mother Love Bone) April 19th 2003 Atlanta

Pearl Jam - Light Years November 5th 2000 Seattle

Pearl Jam - Inside Job November 1st 2013 New Orleans

For a great further look at Steve’s relationship with the band here is an amazing feature by ESPN showing how the connection first started. Keep tissues handy.


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