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Forth Worth Police Officer Matt Pearce recovering after being shot seven times

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You know who is one tough Coug? Officer Matt Pearce.

WSU coach Mike Leach has sent along his well wishes from Cougs everywhere.
WSU coach Mike Leach has sent along his well wishes from Cougs everywhere.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

A tragic story with a significant WSU connection took place last March, and it is now receiving the attention is deserves in these parts. On March 15, Fort Worth, Texas police officer Matt Pearce pulled over a car with two occupants. While doing so, he learned that one of the people in the car,  Ed McIver Sr., had several warrants. In the process of attempting to arrest the elder McIver, McIver's 20-year-old son shot Pearce seven times, critically wounding the officer. He was shot once in the cheek, twice in the arm, twice in the chest and twice in the leg.

Miraculously, Pearce survived the shooting. Despite being in critical condition for a long period of time, and suffering a serious setback in the process, Pearce somehow survived. How does this story have a WSU connection? Well, not only is Matt Pearce a former Pullman firefighter, he is also a WSU alumnus, class of 2002.

Within three weeks of the shooting, despite the setback, Pearce had recovered enough to get out of bed and begin eating soft food. I don't know about you, but if I got shot seven(!!!) times, I'd probably feel like hanging out in bed for a decade or so. Not this guy.

This story came to our attention courtesy of both the Fort Worth Police Department and Mike Leach. Leach apparently found out about Pearce's plight recently, and this was his response:

How cool is that? Pearce is married and has a young daughter. His family has set up a GoFundMe page as well. If you are interested in donating, you can do so here. According to the latest update from that page, Matt continues on the road to recovery. Though it seems that there are miles to go, I have zero doubt that he will make it all the way back.

Here is a good video update, along with a really cool photo.

Stories like this hit close to home for me, as my brother is a Washington State Trooper. Any of them will tell you that the scariest part of their job is approaching a car, not knowing who or what is waiting for them. Here is the latest update on Pearce's progress. Best wishes to Officer Pearce, one of the toughest Cougs ever.