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Reddit vote tabs WSU's logo as the best FBS logo

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The Internet just confirmed something we all knew in our hearts anyway.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

We've all thought for quite some time that Washington State University has the best logo in college sports. It looks just like our mascot, works the abbreviation for the university in and, quite frankly, looks better than anything a modern day design agency could pump out for WSU. The best part? Its beginnings come from a Washington State College student, giving it an authentic and personal feel almost no other school can match.

A vote on Reddit though, confirmed what we already knew, the rest of the college sports world does too: Washington State has the best logo there is.

On its way to the title, WSU kicked the tar out of Pac-12 rivals USC and Cal, won a close one over LSU and then, to get to the final, where they defeated Michigan State, they beat ... Virginia??? OH YES! ARE YOU LISTENING, TONY???


Complete and total revenge aside, this just confirmed what we already knew about WSU's logo. It's the bests there is anywhere in the whole wide world (I'm willing to make that proclamation) and it's something we can be immensely proud of.