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Trek Stemp will sign with Tampa Bay Rays, forego final year of eligibility

WSU's best offensive threat from last season won't be with the team in 2017.

Just two days after the Tampa Bay Rays made him a 29th round pick in the MLB Draft, Trek Stemp has decided to forego his final season of eligibility at Washington State and turn pro.

Stemp hit .355 for the Cougs last year and got on base at nearly a .400 clip. He also led the team in hits and was an All Pac-12 selection despite missing the last few weeks of the season after fouling a pitch off his groin.

Stemp was a fourth year junior so while on the surface it might be a little curious to see him take what little bonus money a 29th round selection can offer, it's not too surprising. Stemp is already at the age most graduating seniors are and, consequently, probably finished his degree last month. With nothing holding him to Washington State any longer, this decision to start his professional career makes a lot of sense for Stemp. Congrats to Trek and we wish him nothing but the best as he begins an incredible journey.

As for the rest of the team, we're still waiting on decisions from Ian Hamilton and Lanye Bruner after they were selected in the 11th and 18th rounds respectively. Both of them will have until July 15th to make up their minds. A number of WSU's high school signees were also selected in his weekend's draft. We have full coverage for you over at our WSU draft stream.