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Rose Bowl Champions or College Football Playoff?

If given the choice, where would rather see the Cougars play?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In case you hadn't noticed, we are smack dab in the middle of major college sports fandom's dog days. Basketball is long gone and football is still several ridgelines away. The College World Series is going on, but that's not exactly a hot-button topic when your team isn't very good. So what to write about?

I noticed some sentiment from a few commenters on Saturday, and wondered whether their opinions reflected those of a large segment of our readers. So I will ask the question: If given the choice, would you rather see WSU play in the Rose Bowl or the College Football Playoff? Broken down a bit further, would you rather see WSU win the Rose Bowl or lose the CFP Title Game? Lose the Rose Bowl or lose in the CFP semis? I am genuinely curious.

Personally, though many of us grew up revering the Rose Bowl, I would prefer to see WSU among the Final Four. (Especially this year because the title game is in Tampa) A spot in the CFP is a spot among the best of the best. It also means many more eyes will be on WSU.

Despite falling off a cliff compared to the previous year, an average of 17.1 million people watched the CFP semifinals on New Year's Eve, whereas 13.6 million tuned into the Rose Bowl. While ratings can be misleading due to a number of factors, that's a pretty big difference.

Exposure on a national stage is something WSU desperateley needs for many reasons, and the CFP would garner that much moreso than the Rose Bowl would. So if I could pick, give me a chance to watch the Cougs in the CFP every time. But I still do love the Rose Bowl. How about you?


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Best beer I had this week: Hoo boy, lots of good candidates. I figured it would be a competition between Harpoon Camp Wannamango Pale Ale and Green Flash Dia De Los Serranos Double Stout. Both are tremendous. Then I wandered up to Cigar City on Friday, where they were serving up Seasonal Sneak, a pumpkin chocolate stout. If you think June is not the right time for a pumpkin beer, Cigar City is here to help.

Heck yes! Seasonal Sneak is outstanding.

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