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Comcast puts national Pac-12 Network feed on basic tier (in HD!)

And there was much rejoicing from WSU fans in the southwest corner of the state.

A View Of The Comcast Center Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Comcast

Much to the relief of Pac-12 fans who are Comcast subscribers, the cable giant announced yesterday that it will be "flipping" its regional and national feeds of the conference's network so that the national channel -- which carries the majority of the Pac-12's live action in football and men's basketball -- will now be a part of subscribers' basic tier.

And it will be in HD.

The regional feed moves to the premium sports package, if you're interested in that hyperlocal channel. But for most, the national feed will accomplish what it needs to -- namely, provide all WSU football games and nearly all WSU men's basketball games to all of Comcast's four million subscribers in the Pac-12 footprint.

The change will take place on July 21.

The fascinating part of this, for me, is that it's logical to conclude that fans' complaints played a role in the switch. The Pac-12 had been encouraging fans to complain to their providers about various carriage issues with the network, which seemed to many (us included) to be a bit of a cop out, when the Pac-12 is the one who didn't negotiate well enough to make sure carriers couldn't do many of the things they've done. But it looks as if the strategy worked.

This doesn't solve every issue. If you're a Comcast subscriber who doesn't pay for the sports package, you'll still probably have to find your way to a computer to watch some of the obscure non-conference men's basketball games and non-revenue sports that will only be broadcast on the regional feeds. But this does help you out a ton if you're a Coug in Arizona (or Vancouver, Washington!).

It also doesn't solve any issues you have with other providers, and DirecTV is still in the LOLOLOLNOPE category. But this is a welcome bit of good news for both fans and Pac-12 Network executives, who have taken a pretty substantial beating in the court of public opinion since the launching of the channel(s), and hopefully will provide a lead for other carriers who might have similar, non-fan-friendly arrangements in their various subscription tiers.