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WSU football recruiting: OL George Moore commits to the Cougs

The juco recruit seems to fit the staff’s profile for an offensive lineman to a tee.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington State Cougars added their second offensive line commit to their 2017 class today when George Moore out of the College of San Mateo tweeted that he had accepted the program’s scholarship offer.

Not a whole lot is known about Moore. He was a class of 2014 recruit out of Deer Park High School in Antioch, California -- a two-star kid with precisely one recruiting story that I could find: From November 2013 in which he reported some big programs (including WSU) sniffing around but not yet offering.

He made his way to College of San Mateo, but that’s where it gets a little fuzzy. Cougfan is reporting ($) he took a redshirt last season that was medical in nature, and he’s expected to have three years to play three seasons after he graduates in December and arrives at WSU in January. But the only way the math works on that is if he either A) wasn’t enrolled at CSM in 2014, taking a year off from school, or B) He sat out each of the last two seasons with injuries — in order to receive a medical hardship waiver that extends a player’s clock to a sixth year (which is what it would be in this case), he’d need to have missed both 2014 and 2015 for reasons outside his control. He was listed as a freshman on CSM’s roster in 2015, but that doesn’t even tell us much, since the roster doesn’t denote any redshirts, and there would certainly seem to be at least some.

So ... who knows.

Moore does seem to fit the mold of a WSU lineman — his Hudl page lists him at 6-foot-7 and 308 pounds, which is a significant increase over his high school measurements of 6-4 and 285 pounds. And if you’re tempted to think “well yeah he got fatter while sitting out” ... check out the pic with his commitment. He does not look pudgy, and whether it’s camera angle or whatever, he looks all of 6-7:

There are only a few spring practice highlights available on a Hudl page with his name on it, but he’s supposed to be No. 70, and ... yeah, I can’t even figure it out. You can try!

Moore is the eighth commitment in the 2017 class and second offensive lineman, joining Dontae Powell. The rest of the class is listed below: