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Would you take 7-5 with a win in the Apple Cup or roll the dice on the 2016 season?

There has been much ado about the Cougars and expectations for this upcoming season. So what if I gave you the choice between 7-5 with a win in the Apple Cup or letting the season play out? Which would you take?

William Mancebo/Getty Images

The 2015 Washington State Cougars football season exceeded most people's expectations. They finished 8-4 in the regular season and capped off a spectacular run with a Sun Bowl win over the Miami Hurricanes. Plenty of games were close and, as Bill Connelly correctly points out I think, the ball bounced their way a fair amount. Regardless though, my pharmacy was happy to see my constant refills on heartburn medication throughout 2015. And we all were guilty of quickly disrobing a time or two.

This season's schedule is front loaded meaning we're going to find out in the first six games of the season whether this team has really taken a step forward or not. The last half of the schedule lines up pretty well for the Cougs with their easier conference games coming towards the end of October and into November before a home matchup with the Huskies.

So what if I were to give you an offer, right now, on the 2016 season. You can either:

A) Take 7-5 with a win in the Apple Cup and without picking the other 6 victories


B) Let the season play out

Two options that are appealing in their own way but I would take the dice and let the season play out. It's weird to say that a 7-5 campaign would be a disappointment for Washington State but coming off of last season, that'd probably be the case. On the other hand, if your priorities are with 364 days worth of bragging rights over UW, it wouldn't sting too badly.

So, what say you? Do you take the deal or do you saddle up and get ready for more visits to the doctor for prescription strength Zantac?