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WSU's Luke Falk tops list of most accurate college QBs

Yeah that's right.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports's college football 24/7 editor Dann Parr is the author of a 16 for 16' series which features the top 16 players to watch in various college football categories. Parr's topic this week was 'college football's most accurate QBs', and guess who came in at number one on the list.

Luke Falk completed 69.5% of his 645 passes last season, that was good for second best in FBS play (Western Kentucky's Brandon Dougherty completed 7.19% of his attempts during the 2015-2016 campaign).

Falk is expected to be just as deadly, if not more deadly this season. His stable of weapons is full, a talented backfield and sneaky good run game can take pressure of him, and the Air Raid is going to continue giving him open receivers in space.

Unfortunately, Parr did not list Falk on the top 16 quarterbacks he'd like to have when the game was on the line. Maybe he missed the Falk's late game heroics against Rutgers, Oregon and UCLA.

I'm not sure if he did, but I'd sure as heck hand the ball over to #4 for the win.


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