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WSU named most popular college football team in Washington by Reddit poll

A very scientific and irrefutable poll has shown what we all know: Washington State is the most popular college football team in the state of Washington.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

If it's on the internet it must be true. If it's on Reddit, it must be even true-er.

That's right. The Cougs own the state of Washington. That's according to a poll taken on Reddit's college football subreddit /r/cfb. The users of the site polled their readers to see what state they live in and what their favorite football team was. The results, as you see above, were interesting and not just in Washington. Notably, Alabama and Auburn losing their state to UAB, Georgia Tech beating out Georgia and ECU topping all the other North Carolina schools in the state.

Diving into the stats on the official page gives you a closer look at the race in Washington:

Washington Stats

  • 46.7% Washington State
  • 45.7% Washington
  • 7.6% Eastern Washington

197 Total responses

Thanks to 92 proud, hard working, Redditing Cougs, WSU has won another dumb internet contest and gone down in the hallowed halls of Reddit fame. This should once and for all settle the argument between Cougar fans and Husky fans without any room for debate.

(Also, UAB won Alabama with 54.3% of the vote, compared to Alabama's 2nd place finish... With 23.9%.)

(Purely scientific.)


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