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Caption what Mike Leach is thinking as he stares at this football

Mike Leach has his eyes transfixed on a football at a photoshoot. We can only imagine was he was saying to it.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Before Pac-12 Media Days kicks off tomorrow in Hollywood, the Pac-12 coaches and their wives all got together to walk the ESPYs red carpet. Prior to doing that though, the conference got them together for a little photo shoot. Everyone seems to be doing exactly as they're told ("Okay people, look forward, smile, Coach Helfrich could you shave real quick?") except for ... well, our coach.

I mean, Leach is STARING at that football, down to the deepest depths of its pigskin and laced up soul. Taking a glamorous, pre-show picture seems like exactly the kind of thing Leach would be oblivious to though, so that got me to wondering: what the heck is he thinking about as he looks at that ball?

/Sound of Silence plays "Hello football my old friend ... I've come to throw with you again..."

"Dang, 1,435 dots. That's how many are on here."

"I'm pretty sure this is what Steve Spurrier's skin feels like."

What do you think was running through Leach's mind? Submit an answer in the comments, best one gets a hearty slap on the back and a handshake from me after at the post Idaho game tailgate.