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What if WSU actually played a football game in Australia

Paul Kane/Getty Images

During Pac-12 media days, Mike Leach was asked about the possibility of playing a football game in Australia. Because Mike Leach is seemingly open to any unique idea, he was of course for it.

"Put a game in Australia? Yeah, especially if I could stay a month," Leach said. "That's what we ought to do, we ought to go have camp in Australia. We ought to have training camp in Australia, play a game, fly home. That would work for me."

Of course a month long trip to Australia sounds appealing. That might be a challenge logistically, but teams are expanding their non-conference locations. Several teams have played games in Ireland in recent years. Boston College and Georgia Tech will play there this season. Australia and other places around the globe might pose other challenges, but it seems games outside the United States may be a trend that sticks around for now.

So, the question is as a WSU fan would you support it? Would you like to see the Cougs play in an Australia game? Would you go to the game? Better yet, if you could pick any location in the world for WSU to play a football game, where would you pick?



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