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A quick snapshot of Pac-12 football coach salaries

Who is overpaid? Who is underpaid?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Earlier this week, Pac-12 writer Jon Wilner published an article denoting the salaries of 11 Pac-12 football coaches. The only coach who was not among them was Clay Helton who, as an employee of a private school, did not have his salary disclosed. Normally, Stanford and David Shaw fall in the same boat, but USA Today was able to obtain Shaw's base salary figure.

What did we learn? Well, if you go by base salary alone, David Shaw is underpaid relative to the results he has produced. Shaw's base salary is the same as Sonny Dykes. That seems odd. However, when you figure in bonuses etc., Shaw was actually paid north of $4 million, which makes a lot more sense.

So, who is overpaid? Well, many people would say they're all overpaid. There's probably an argument to be made there. However, relative to actual on-field results, Chris Petersen, come on down. Petersen is the conference's highest-salaried coach despite going 8-10 in conference games and finishing tied for 7th in 2014 and 8th in 2015. Many people think that will change in 2016, but so far, Petersen has not produced results befitting of the conference's highest-salaried coach.

Who is underpaid, besides Shaw? Honestly, nobody stuck out to me. I do think Kyle Whittingham deserves more than Mark Helfrich and Jim Mora. Speaking of them, the blurb about Leach was interesting:

Not that we’re keeping track, but Leach was 4-1 last season against higher-earning coaches. "AD Bill Moos, coach Leach’s agent is on line 1."

Leach will face those same five coaches again this season. Here's hoping he goes 5-0.


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