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Gabe Marks provides the action on and off the field for WSU

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Gabe Marks is arguably the most entertaining player to watch on Washington State’s football roster. Making countless big plays will get you in that discussion. I’d argue there is no question he is the most entertaining player off the field.

Jacob Thorpe wrote an entertaining feature on Marks for the Spokesman Review on Saturday. It’s well worth a read on it’s own. But, with someone like Marks there is still plenty of excellent material left on the cutting room floor. Fortunately, Thorpe posted the complete interview and it is great.

Here is a little snippet:

(Was there ever much of a chance you wouldn't come back for your senior year?)

No. Not really. I mean, I thought about it because it's there. It's right there. But I feel like that would have been the easy way out. Just saying I'm going to go to the NFL and try it out. But I knew I wasn't ready. There was some stuff I needed to do still, things I needed to work at. And I wanted to help out Luke and all that stuff. When I came back it wasn't really about, it was more about the guys, dude. I really enjoy playing with my friends dude. Like these are really my friends. The guys on this team are really tight and so I immediately wanted to come back and play for them. I mean Leach is going to find other guys, but after this I'm not going to play with these guys again. So I wanted to do it one more time. College football is fun, dude.

It’s a funny, witty and candid interview touching on everything from his thoughts on the dynamics between students and football players on campus to getting in and losing fights just to make sure people know you’re not about that bulls***.

And just in case you need more Gabe Marks interviews, here is a wonderful one from the archives.



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