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The CougCenter Hour: 'Crootin is heating up, we talk with Britton Ransford

We also try to temper our own expectations for fall camp and reflect on what one of our student-athletes has endured over the last 9 months.

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Talking about football that's happening in like three weeks is much better than talking about football that's happening in, like, four weeks.

Episode two of the CougCenter Hour in this our fourth season being pumped into your increasingly happy ears. We'll try to reign in our own enthusiasm and yours for fall camp in our opening segment. Then, we sit down with our own Britton Ransford to get the 411 on everything going on in Cougar recruiting, including whether there has been a class that's closer to one another personally than this in the past.

We close the show by reflecting on George Yarno's passing followed by thoughts on what one student-athlete has endured over the past nine months and why he deserves your admiration for ever.

After that, our Dunderhead of the Week, and, as usual, Ask Michael Anything. Thanks for listening!