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The CougCenter Hour: We visit with J.B. Long of the Pac-12 Networks and our own Jeff Nusser on game week

It's finally, FINALLY, game week for the CougCenter Hour and ho boy, do we have a great show for you.

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We've been building to this moment and this show for weeks. Four before this to be precise. We're nothing if not ambitious here on the CougCenter Hour.

Game week is finally ... gloriously ... stupendously upon on. We chat abou the WSU season opener against the Eastern Washington Eagles with friend of the show J.B. Long who will be calling the game for the Pac-12 Network.  We talk about the Cougs from a national perspective and about the Eagles and their stellar offense they're bringing to Pullman.

Then, we sit down with our own managing editor Jeff Nusser to talk even more about WSU football and the season that could be for the Cougs.

Then, as usual, our Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything, heavy on the sandwich questions edition.

Thanks for listening!