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WSU vs. Boise State football: Baxter’s beer of the game

Baxter and I were a lost connection this week, I will fill in for him.

Sometimes, life makes it difficult for Baxter to appear in his beer of the game. I traveled for work all week, and my girlfriend left on Thursday to go on a backpacking trip. So I haven’t seen Baxter much, save for a couple hours on Monday night. Unfortunately, we were too busy enjoying each other’s company to actually take a picture for Baxter’s beer of the game.

Baxter knew I was going to Fremont Brewing today, for the Ancient One release, which is Fremont Bourbon Abominable and Fremont Bourbon Aged Dark Star aged in 35-year old bourbon barrels. Needless to say, these two beers are rare, and I spent my morning in line sharing other rare beers with cool Seattle (and Portland) beer people.

But Ancient One is not Baxter’s beer of the game. I try to get things that readers will be able to go out and get, and that is why the beer for WSU vs. Boise State is Fremont Brewing Field to Fermont Fresh Hop Pale Ale.

Field to Ferment is going to be a four-part series. The initial installment features Centennial hops, one of the OGs of the hoppy beer world. This beer is a Centennial-dominant fresh hop pale ale, with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic to be the next three in the series.

Fresh hop beers rock, and to be honest I’m really looking forward to the next three beers in the series, as well as Fremont’s Cowiche Canyon beer, which is another awesome fresh hop offering.

Craig Review: Piney, citrusy, so fresh-tasting. This beer is very good, and made with an “old-school” hop that doesn’t pack the flavors and aroma that new hybrids carry. This was done so well, though, and I’m really excited for the next three in the series. Also, the Ancient One beers rule.

Baxter’s Review: I’m really disappointed that Craig didn’t think to make this happen on the one day we were together this week. You should all make sure to tell him how much you are disappointed, as well. Hopefully he saves me one to try.

That’s what I’ve been drinking, and will be drinking, as the Cougs take on Boise State this evening. What will you be having?