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Jeremiah Allison debuts on NFL Network's 'Undrafted'

You can catch the former WSU linebacker all season long on the NFL Network's documentary series.

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Each year, the NFL Network picks a group of undrafted NFL players and follows their journey as they attempt to make a the league.

This season, Jeremiah Allison is one of those players.

Allison joins other undrafted pro football hopefuls including ASU quarterback Mike Bercovici, Texas Tech receiver Jakeem Grant and Baylor tight end LaQuan McGowan on the show. In it's third season, the emmy nominated show goes in depth on the journey for these players and tells the story of their life both inside and outside of football. And Allison certainly has a great story.

When he was in high school, Allison took a trip to WSU while his mother was in a coma and committed to play for the Cougs. During his freshman year, his mother died and Allison vowed to uphold his promise of getting a college degree. You can read the full article about his backstory from the LA Times, and more from the Seattle Times.

Stephanie Loh caught up with the former WSU linebacker earlier this week and found that Allison wasn't immediately thrilled by the idea of appearing on the show, but opened up after a little coaxing from the show's producers. "The show is not a football show," executive producer Michael Gleaton told Loh. "The show is about everyday people trying to make their dreams come true. The backdrop just happens to be football."

Here's a look at the show posted by the network:

If you missed the show last night, you can set your DVR for another airing tonight at 7 or Saturday at 9 AM. It will also be available on with authenticated providers (I just hope you don't have Comcast, like me). I'd also check On Demand on your cable or satellite box.

Make sure you give Loh's full article a read for more about what Allison has been up to, including what he's doing while pursuing his dream: working at a car dealership and getting ready to take his LSATs in preparation for law school.


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