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The Luke Falk Stat Machine: EWU Edition

Feel free to dream big when playing with this fun little interactive.

Washington State v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I have to imagine that Luke Falk is really frustrating to play against. He seems to never get rattled and is superbly consistent. Falk led the nation with 380 yards passing per game last season, and while there are some who will point to volume as the reason for his production in that category, there are a few other areas that I think highlight how tough he is to defend.

Falk led the nation in pass attempts, but was second behind Brandon Doughty of Western Kentucky in completion percentage, connecting on 69.4% of his passes. Even with all those attempts, he was fourth in the country in interception %, just behind Dak Prescott, throwing a pick on only 1.24% of his passes (or once every 80.5 throws).

Defenses know that Falk is going to throw the ball all over the place and it seems like he can often impose his will on the defense. Thinking about that I thought, why not have a little fun to see what Falk’s stat line could look like if he plays to his averages? Or if he is held in check by EWU’s secondary and instead plays to their pass defense averages?

Thus “The Luke Falk Stat Machine” was born. Below is it’s first iteration. The left side has Falk’s 2015 season averages already entered in, with the stat line that would give him. You can click and change any of those metrics and see the stat line change below. The right side is the same idea, but has a stat line based on Eastern’s 2015 pass defense averages. For clarity's sake, TD% is the percent of pass attempts that result in a touchdown, Int % is the percent of pass attempts that result in an interception.

Play around with it and drop what you think is the best case/worst case for Falk in the comments.