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CougCenter Player of the Week: James "Boobie" Williams

Williams had a breakout game against Idaho.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the second edition of CougCenter's Player of the Week. This should be the third edition, but, yeah. The funny part about this week's winner is that he is making his debut in this space, as did Tavares Martin last week. WSU has played three games, and mainstays like Luke Falk and Gabe Marks haven't made an appearance. Note to Luke and Gabe, we'd love it if you came back.

You'd think that with a 50-point win, we'd have a ton of guys from which to choose, and you'd be right. We've (kind of) narrowed in down to three, however, and will let the democratic process play out in the form of the poll. As always, write-in candidates are also accepted.

2nd Runner-Up: Frankie Luvu

Even though Idaho only scored three points in the first half, they didn't have much trouble moving the ball. The defense seemed somewhat listless, and every time Idaho ran play action and threw to the slot receiver on a slant, they could basically name the amount of yards they wanted. The only guy who was hitting like it was his last game was Luvu. He did it more than once, and seemed to spark the defense a bit. Luvu tied for the team lead with seven tackles, including 1.5 tackles-for-loss. Many of those tackles were impressively violent.

1st Runner-Up: Riley Sorenson

It's almost impossible to single out an offensive lineman's good play, as it takes all five working in concert to make the offense go. The same was true Saturday, but we'll highlight Sorenson because he's a great player and a great kid. Sorenson and his line mates blocked the way for WSU backs to amass an astounding (for WSU) 228 yards on 35 carries.

Additionally, Luke Falk once again had an eternity to scan the field when dropping back to pass. Falk's effectiveness has been debated a bit in these parts, but I know that his stats would look a lot worse if Sorenson and the rest of the line weren't stonewalling pass rushers on nearly every pass attempt. Needless to say, we need them to keep it up once conference play starts.

Winner: James "Boobie" Williams

Boobie Williams was outstanding on Saturday. He seems to have the whole package of speed, power and elusiveness. Williams got a few snaps in the first few games, but got his chance to shine against Idaho and didn't disappoint. I'm a bit like Mike Leach in that I'd rather he didn't try to hurdle anybody, but it still looked pretty cool when he did it.

In all, Williams amassed 126 yards on just 14 carries, good for an average of nine yards-per-carry. He also scored his first career touchdown and caught a 15-yard pass. Aside from a couple special teams plays that brought the crowd to its feet, nobody else made us cheer like Williams. I'll go out on a limb and guess that we'll see alot more Boobie this fall. Sorry, I had to.