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James Williams’ path to Pullman

Williams’ story is truly remarkable. He’s just one of several feel-good stories on this Cougars team.

NCAA Football: Idaho at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Last Saturday James Williams rushed for 126 yards on 14 carries, the most yards by a Cougar running back since Dwight Tardy ran for 214 against UCLA in 2007. Ever since the Cougars received Williams’ NLI back in 2015, the hype surrounding the redshirt freshman has been through the roof.

We’ve seen his Thursday Night football highlights posted on Twitter and we’ve heard RB Coach Jim Maestro call Williams the "best athlete he’s ever coached." Against the Vandals, we got to see a glimpse of what Williams can provide for Washington State’s offense.

But not many of us no Williams’ story about how he got to WSU; a story that starts in Toledo, Ohio, followed by a move to Burbank, California.

Seattle Times’ Stefanie Loh writes about Williams’ past which includes things that no 19 year-old should have had to experienced in his/her life.

Williams’ grew up in a crime-ridden area of Toledo filled with gangs and drugs and his parents - at the drop of a hat - decided to move the family to Southern California for search of a better life for their children. The move wasn’t easy at first, however, as the Williamses spent time homeless sleeping in the back of their truck.

James Williams is a monster on the football field but his story and background is what will make his performances like last week even more special.

Enjoy the bye week, Cougar fans. We can’t lose if we don’t play today.


Washington State running back James Williams II making family’s years of struggle pay off | The Seattle Times
The Williamses gambled when they left their crime-ridden neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio, in search of a better life for their kids. Weeks of homelessness, nights spent sleeping in their truck and the days spent worrying about the future now seem worth it.

Athletic Department:

Some WSU students oppose added fee proposed by athletic department | The Seattle Times
WSU administrators have asked students to consider paying an additional $50 per semester to help bring the athletic department into the black.