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WSU vs. EWU final score: Cougs lose to FCS team for 2nd consecutive year


NCAA Football: Eastern Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Despite last season’s loss to Portland State, fans assumed Eastern Washington would be a fairly comfortable win for WSU.

No way it could happen two years in a row, they said.

The Cougs are a top 25 quality team, they said.

They’re idiots. This might not have been the worst performance of the Mike Leach era, but it is undoubtedly the most disappointing, as the Eagles became the second consecutive FCS team to walk out of Martin Stadium with a victory. This time, it was 45-42.

We could spend a couple hundred words here telling you all about how this happened, but why? Does it matter? Honestly, I'm only writing this because I have to. If you want to look some of Eastern’s ridiculous stats, here you go. I’m not going to dignify that pants wetting by writing about actual numbers.

The funny thing is that I don’t even really feel mad; Mike Leach is now 1-8 in openers and Apple Cups*, and that kind of Ph. D. level torturing of a fan base has left me unable to feel after this sort of thing.

*with a miracle needed for the one win!

Leach’s only saving grace is that he somehow squeezed nine wins out of his team after last season’s debacle. He better figure out a way to do that again. And if he doesn’t? Don’t worry, his contract is prohibitive so you’re stuck with him anyway!

I’d say this is rock bottom, but let’s be honest: Losing by 3 to a top 20 FCS team is better than losing by a touchdown to an FCS bottom feeder. Progress!

On second thought, just fire everyone.

Go Cougs.