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Mike Leach talks about blue turf, Bronco fans react

Overreact much, Bronco fans?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

After losses like the one on Saturday, Mike Leach's "live in the moment" attitude can tend to rub people the wrong way... But that's not going to stop the coach from having a good time and speaking his mind. He did that this week, speaking about Boise's blue turf... And then headlines and Tweets were written.

Here's the video of Leach talking about the turf. But if you'd rather read it... (H/T to Stephanie Loh for the transcription)

"I’m glad I don’t have to watch film on it every day, to be honest with you. I think secretly those assistant coaches and those coaches at Boise, despite the fact it’s a trademark thing, would rather watch their guys practice on grass so the bodies, there’s a little more contrast with them, running around than on blue turf. I’d rather watch it on green than a variety of colors. I think animal-rights groups should keep an eye on it so ducks don’t break their necks trying to dive in."

Now, Leach never once attacked the turf. He was simply stating his opinion. He never once call it "bad" or "terrible" or "an abomination" as other have. Then, if you watch the video, you can clearly hear his joking tone saying the part about the ducks.

All of those things are clear... Unless you're a Bronco fan, or someone who works in the Boise media...

WSU coach Mike Leach slams Boise State's blue turf | KBOI
Slams? That seems a bit drastic...

Really? A joke about a duck is what sent you over the edge from "not caring" to "wanting to destroy them"? That's a weird kind of fandom...

Thanks for your input Mr. Deleterious Stranger.

I'm just glad the phrase "I'd rather not watch film taken on blue turf" could rile up an entire community and provide some nice bulletin board material to fuel a team.


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