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Fill in the Mike Leach caption

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NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-Minnesota vs Washington State Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon. You’ve played this game often, and it’s time to play it again. Mike Leach is on the road, presumably making a slew of in-home visits. Roy Manning is playing the role of travel companion and trip photographer. On this day, Manning snapped a photo of Leach apparently making an effort to learn Spanish. No word on whether he also ate an entire wheel of cheese.

Let’s break this photo down a bit further. Manning claims Leach is taking Spanish lessons. However, he appears to be interacting with the phone. Is he learning Spanish while checking in a new beer on Untappd? Texting another recruit? Making a Blue Apron order? The possibilities are endless!

We’ve had a couple early entries in the “what is Leach thinking while taking Spanish lessons?” contest.

“Como se dice ‘f**k it go deep?” - Michael Preston

“There’s no Spanish word for decommit.” - Someone who is clearly the funniest person in his own mind

So here is where you come in. What is Leach thinking?