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WSU had a bunch of babies race for its halftime entertainment

I guess that’s one way to liven up Cougar basketball!

Animal races of various varieties are a staple of halftime entertainment at sports venues all over the country. Today, WSU put a daring new twist on that during the break in its basketball game with Colorado.

Baby races.

I love how the baby in lane 1 gets out to such a quick lead that the baby in lane two just gives up and sits down.

Either that, or, yanno, its a baby who is being coaxed by its parents to crawl toward them with hundreds of people watching and some guy screaming into the public address system and thought to itself, “Seriously, wtf even is this? What am I doing here? Who am I? Why are my parents crawling on the floor? Is this real life?”

It actually turns out that baby races, while rare, aren’t new. This baby race is from 2012:

I guess someone somewhere finds this cute. Having three children of my own, I’ve gotta think all these parents are first timers. Also, it could be worse — you could be a parent who puts their kid in a baby race and dresses them up like a turkey to do it:

Myself? I’m partial to weiner dog races.

And if we’re being honest, baby races definitely rank behind those karate kids who break all the boards in terms of Beasley Coliseum halftime entertainment.

Oh, and the Cougars were up 39-35 at halftime against Colorado.