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Hypothetical additions to Martin Stadium

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What do YOU want to see?

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Since the completion of the Football Operations Building in May 2014, Martin Stadium has been home to the best Cougar football played in the past ten years and one of the most underrated college football atmospheres. The FOB and press box upgrades were direly needed and Washington State is reaping the benefits on and off the field.

No stadium is perfect, however, and I’m sure most Cougar football fans have something in mind that they’d like to change about Martin Stadium. Let’s get the ball rolling with a few hypothetical, albeit extremely unrealistic additions to the stadium because it’s the off season and here at CougCenter we’re impatiently waiting National Letter of Intent day.

Upper Deck on the north side of the field:

Now this one is SUPER unrealistic, but it’s kind of fun to imagine another level of seating added above the student section. There’s certainly no need for this for a variety of reasons, the obvious one being the small population of Pullman and Whitman County as a whole. While Martin Stadium seats 32,952 patrons, an upper deck could easily add another 10,000 or so seats to the stadium’s capacity. It’s impossible to justify the Cougars ever doing this, but it’s fun to dream about adding to the total capacity.

Switching from artificial turf to grass:

It seems that more and more college stadiums are switching from grass to artificial turf, which makes some sense, but there’s nothing like football played on actual grass. You know...the stuff that cows eat? While turf fields don’t have divots of grass taken out by cleats and don’t turn into swamps during wet weather, grass is just what football should be played on. 88 Division I stadiums have some sort of turf, while only 44 have actual grass, and that trend will likely favor turf in the years coming with new NCAA stadiums being built every handful of years.

These are just two of what I’m sure are plenty of ideas. So I want to hear from you: what do YOU want to see changed to Martin Stadium? Whether it deals with the structure of the stadium (adding an upper deck), the playing surface (turf vs. grass) or even the concessions being sold, get creative in the comments on what you’d like to see for your Utopian Martin Stadium.