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CougCenter Hour Signing Day preview with Britton Ransford

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We go over all things 2017 WSU recruiting class related in our preview of signing day on Feb. 1.

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But if I'm going to make you a star, boy / Get yourself a chauffer-driven car, yeah / Sign on the dotted line / It's going to work out fine

The on day you really, really care about where a bunch of 17-year old boys are going to spend the next 4-5 years of their life is here!

The CougCenter Hour Signing Day Preview is live with our very own Britton Ransford to cover all the odds and ends for WSU's 2017 class. To say that the months leading up to Feb. 1st have been tumultuous for this class would be an understatement but it seems things have finally settled down and the 25 guys headed to WSU are fairly locked in. We'll dive into both the offense and defense with Britton and get an over all feel for the class.

We'll be back on Thursday to wrap things up and evaluate the class once it's signed, sealed and delivered.