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Dimry gets additional year of eligiblity

WSU’s depth at wide receiver got a big boost today when C.J. Dimry was granted a waiver by the NCAA to play another year.

WSU Athletic Communication

The loss of Gabe Marks to graduation, along with River Cracraft, left WSU in an odd position: a lot of unknowns at receiver. Tavaras Martin, Jr. is one of the few truly known commodities outside so any help the Cougs can get is big. Today, they got just that when C.J. Dimry got an extra year of eligibility.

Dimry had just nine catches for 108 yards but at 6’5”, 200 pounds, he represents a big target that’s nice to have back if you’re Luke Falk. Dimry is a guy he has been throwing to for two years already so even if the production hasn’t been there, the comfort level will be.

The extra buffer of having an experienced wide out is sure to help younger guys like Dezmon Patmon, Isaiah Johnson-Mack and any of the incoming freshman who had been slated to play.

Something to also keep an eye on: it appears Kyrin Priester is back practicing with the team:

If things have finally settled down for Priester and he stays on the team this time around, WSU could be in much better shape than we thought at wide receiver in 2017.